preparing for OUR RELAUNCH

(After pausing for our people)






Despite our best efforts

We must now take a "pause"

Beginning on December 1, 2020... the future of our organization depends on 411 Productions LLC (parent company of Dance 411 & 411 South Talent) is discontinuing all public operations in prepartion of our pending relaunch in 2021.  

Although this is a purposeful pause, some unfortunate events led to unfortuntate urgencies, forcing us to make the decision to halt current operations.  We need focused teamwork time to hit our within-reach goals.

The contents of this page explain what's coming.

TEAM mission

Focused Attention on 2021 "Relaunch of 411"

pause FOCUS 1:

Prepare Our People

At 411, getting any "time-off" from work overload since quarantines began has not been possible for many of our team.  This needed pause serves our remaining "My 411 Team" members in enormous ways. We all cannot keep burning the candles from both ends.

As a result of our grind, many of us feel that we are not serving our community as well as we could.

COVID spread is surging across the country, pandemic quarantines are looming and our financial resources are depleted.  This may be our only fitting "pause" time that will be available for quite a while.

Our decision to pause is largely to conserve our resources, and for our dedicated team to finally take a breather, to enjoy the holidays with family without 411 stress and worry, to stay safe and healthy, and to take advantage of long-overdue team-focused attention & training without distractions for completion of our previously planned 2021 Relaunch of 411. (New date to be determined as we progress).



Preparing for our 411 Relaunch


411 People

Implementation & training on our newly launched staff & client virtual platform for productivity, client/staff group training & meetings, 411 Creatve Team themed arts & entertainment productions, virtual help desk, service & support, remote work software tools, all availilable on a single virtual team workspace with 411's exclusive convenient custom-designed mobile app

Proprietary 411 Products

Launch our exciting and new 411 Creative Twists to on-site class training, professional multi-cam virtual creative arts productions, affordable and scaled pricing for our community, advance-at-home courses designed to allow our amazing dancers more opportunities to train using That 411 Formula we alll know, love and miss dearly  

Powerful 411 Processes

Complete training library for our goal-oriented team to efficiently train consistent 411 illness prevention processes & procedures, 411 on-site flow management, remote team projects & collaboration, virtual meetings & events, schedules & bookings, finances, payroll, client account portals, robust community engagement and reward programs for our most loyal brand ambassadors

411 relaunch

(Currently on Pause)

questions & answers

Please Review

Why is there a "Pause"?

This pause was a really tough and very heavily debated topic due to recent events, however it quickly became a clearly unavoidable decision.

After many months into very detailed planning for our 411 Relaunch, dramatic happenings over the past few weeks made this pause become inevitable. 

We were supposed to resume on-site classes on the Monday after Thanksgiving for our recent (and surprisingly) fast-growing new and returning member database.  That was amazing, and a testament to the hard work put in by our dedicated team.  We apologize for what seems to be a very sudden halt... however our team tried hard to keep operations going.

What exactly do you mean by a "Pause"?

All on-site and virtual classes, lessons and events are currently on pause... as well as all current support access to our very limited staff.

Please read all important information below and register to receive our progress postings and access to further information regarding your account.

When will you be re-opening?

Our original planned 411 Relaunch date had consistently been getting pushed back due to various concerns along the way.  We hope to relaunch soon, but no date can be considered as a viable option until a few crucial items are in place, which we are working through currently as a team.

Our timeline is therefore "conditionally urgent" (meaning "ASAP"... but depending on our speed of success during this time.

Lots of things that we were trying to slowly implement for our members just didn't seem to represent the 411 that we were comfortable with.  We seemed to have recently regained the trust back (that we thought that had lost) in the early weeks following COVID quarantines in Georgia.

We never want to be in that similar "pandemic shock and aftermath" place again.  A pause is needed now for similar reasons.. prevention and preparedness.  COVID cases are also ramping up in Georgia, and we want to make sure everything is as perfect as we know it can be.  

We are using this time for our team to dedicate 100% of our resources to prepare and train in our new processes and in our new management platorm, without the typical operations taking place.  Getting this far along took much longer than we imagined, and our team tried really hard to keep the train moving.

We love and recognize all of our beloved team's efforts... and all of the community's support since the COVID craziness began.

Who can I contact from the My 411 Team for any concerns that I have?

We know you have questions.  We understand more than you realize of all of the concerns that you may have at this time.  Believe that!  However... please be patient with us during this pause.  Our survival depends on our team's focused preparation time. Lots of info will follow soon.

We have prepared great solutions and answers for our community, which we have compiled for several months from all departments. We are entering that material into our new support success software. 

Hopefully our platform soon will be impleted to make it a breeze to address most (if not all) of the likely concerns that you may have now and moving forward.  This is going to be an amazing improvement from the weeks followining the first major quarantine!

Information (and lots of it) will be all posted in one place for easy access through the "follow our progress" portal that we are launching very soon. Please click the button below to register for access.

We will also post news, insider info, and eventually our upcoming 411 Relaunch Roadmap as things progress. We are very excited about what's coming to 411, and we are pretty sure our community will be amazed.

How can I get a refund or credit for my account balance?

For information about your account, any credits, any operations, on-site and virtual classes, class cards, memberships, gigs, events, vendor checks, talent bookings, and all other questions... or how to go about contacting someone at 411, please be patient because that's all coming soon.

Our new resources and technology will allow us to communicate and post info rapidly, including your account-specific details, as soon as they are all uploaded into the system and configured for your secure access. When you click the button below and register to follow our progress, please use the same name and email address that matches the same information for any main open (or previous) 411 account that you use for class registrations or account payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Our tiny My 411 Team working during the pause cannot currently handle the volume of member communications efficiently at this time.

Is the "Pause" a result of a COVID-related illness scare?

No, our pause in operations is 100% not related to, or a result of any COVID illness. (thank goodness).

For being a frequent gathering place (although dramatically reduced in numbers) we are all incredibly proud of our team, members, families and talent professionals for respecting and following our 411 Preventive Practices and Procedures (PPP) initiatives.

Our entire 411 team, our families and our beloved students have done a fantastic job adhering to social distancing protocols, frequent sanitation, mask-wearing and enhanced preventative practices.

We are grateful to have such a responible community.

How can I help the My 411 Team?

Please know that this is an effort to make our organization the amazing "411 that we always wanted"... and we are excited that it's coming soon.  

We are eager to please our community. You, as part of our 411 Extended Family, can help us immensely with your trust and patience during this (hopefully short) pause. We are not planning on going anywhere, and this pause is what 411 has needed for years.

Once our support portal is up, you will see exactly how you can help us in many ways, and look forward to any assistance that our community can offer.  We have plans to show our gratitude to Our 411 Family as well when we are finally able to do so.

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